Monday, 6 May 2013

Well Hall Pleasaunce

Of the rhythm and rhyme scheme of “Remember” by Christina Rossetti

Dappled sunshine across the scummy pool
Transform it back to past days of glory,
To soft-eyed maids beginning their story
Trailing dainty hands in the shade’s soft cool
A time of chivalry, and actions cruel,
Where soldiers returned from the East, gory
With bad news for widows, their eyes implore-y,
Then sit out apart, their face like a ghoul
But the park and the pool are older now
No more the haunt of the Crusade’s broken
But a sad smear, a stagnant green token
The people no more those empty-eyed knights,
No young men destroyed by a false vow,
Sent off to fight for their leader’s delight.  

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